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At the Children’s Cove Champions for Children Conference the discussion and workshops offer a unique opportunity for attendees to engage with leaders in the field in a more focused and intimate setting than what is typical of larger national conferences.

Organized around a range of in-depth workshops, punctuated by powerful keynote speakers, conference attendees have ample opportunity to explore and examine the latest insights and approaches on how to best serve and care for child victims and their non-offending family members.

The 18th Annual Champions for Children Conference – featured a keynote conversation with Sacha Pfeiffer, a reporter on the Pulitzer Prize-winning Boston Globe investigative team that first uncovered clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church and was the inspiration for the film “Spotlight.”

Pfeiffer’s talk kicked-off the conference. Then attendees were able to choose from among the 48 insightful workshops offered during the two-day conference.

Among the many workshops at last year’s conference, sessions were led by an array of experts such as:

Dr. Graham Hill

a former senior detective and founder of Behavioral Analysis for the UK Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre (CEOP). A recognized expert on the behavior of child sexual abusers and non-familial child abductors, Dr. Hill led a workshop that examined the origins and maintenance of perpetrator behavior.

Roger Canaff

a widely known child protection and anti-violence against women advocate, legal expert, author and public speaker, engaged his workshop audience, leading a discussion on recognizing and documenting grooming behaviors.

Kevin Mulcahy

a child sex abuse survivor who now works as an Assistant U.S. Attorney in Detroit, wowed workshop goers with his moving and informative presentation on the “7 Sneaky Challenges Facing Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse.”

The 19th Annual Champions for Children Conference promises to bring the same caliber of workshop leaders and content. As previous attendees have attested, this conference will inform, illuminate and inspire those who work directly with child victims of crime to return to their day-to-day work as better champions for children.